Born in Oktober of 1987 and raised in Germany, David has grown to be an accomplished photographer, an experienced traveller and passionate athlete with love and dedication for everything outdoors. Currently based in Nürnberg, he travels as much as possible to refine his personal visual style.

Fascinated by the fleeting moments of honesty, spontaneity and confidence, by the way light moves and leaves traces inside of us and by the sheer pleasure of being alive, David sees and captures life around him in all its facets.


David mostly shoots portrait and fashion but is equally at home documenting culture, humanity and landscape or shooting advertising and corporate. In his imaging endeavors, David uses a variety of modern digital Cameras such as Nikon FX in combination with Prime Lenses and PhaseOne Medium Format.

When it comes to lighting he'll shoot with available light as much as possible, nevertheless if it's pitch-dark his professional Broncolor and Profoto studio and portable equipment will support him to achieve the best shot.


Graduated from Technische Hochschule Georg-Simon-Ohm Nürnberg (Bachelor of Arts) in Summer 2014, focused on Photography, CGI and Eventdesign

Several assistantships for world-renowned photographers such as Rainer Hosch, Paul Schefz and Henrik Adamsen in Los Angeles and New York

Freelancer since late 2014 

David is available worldwide, shooting Studio and Outdoor


i-D Magazine, Focus, MixMag, Graffiti Art Magazine, Rolling Stone, VICE, Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin, Musikexpress, Groove, Intro, CURT, FazeMag, Dirndl Magazine, Bild, Unser Bayern


Adidas, Apollo, BMG Music, Four Music, Guestimate, Immowelt, Immonet, Jackmode Agency, Musik gewinnt Freunde, Modernsoul Music Publishing, Sony Music, Suol Music, Synthesia Records 

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